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Construction Clean-up

Construction projects, whether they are minor retrofits or major new builds, always come with a mess. The post-construction clean-up can be a tough task, but luckily, Prestige Maintenance is here to help you! Our team of experts can clean out all the construction debris and make your new build or renovated space look clean and presentable. We can also handle and dispose of hazardous materials properly, keeping you and your team safe!

Clean Up

One of the first post-construction necessities is keeping your property clean. Our Prestige Maintenance team will remove all dirt and debris left after construction, restoring the property back to its original state.

Hazard Removal

Prestige Maintenance’s Hazardous Removal team is your personal and trusted partner in all future hazardous situations. From family life to fresh starts, we provide the best removal service for every occasion. Call us now to start living hazard-free!


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